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Pepperl+Fuchs Podcasts

Pepperl+Fuchs’ TechTalk helps listeners gain an insight into modern automation technologies by focusing on AS-Interface (Actuator Sensor Interface) and its associated safety technology, Safety at Work. TechTalk covers topics that range from hardware selection to installation and maintenance. Control engineers familiar with AS-Interface will get the latest news on specification enhancements, hear about new products, and familiarize themselves with established and cutting-edge troubleshooting methods, tips, and tricks.  Users who are interested in applying these technologies will learn what it takes to set up an AS-Interface system, how Safety at Work improves safety systems, and why those technologies have the potential to save time and money during all phases of a project.

Jun 8, 2014

Digital I/O module -- One of the most important sections on an AS-Interface module data sheet covers electrical specifications of inputs and outputs. In this episode, Tim and Helge discuss the VBA-4E4A-G11-ZAJ/EA2L-F AS-Interface module, as an example.

  • --AUX -- Auxiliary power is typically used to power outputs.
  • --Rates operating voltage -- This is the voltage requirement available to the module at the location where it is connected to the cable.
  • --Operating current -- This is the current needed to run the module.  Sensors and load current are extra.
  • --Max. current -- This is the total current consumed by the module.  This includes the operating current, the current it can supply to the sensors, and the load current.
  • --Current loading capacity -- This the current the module can provide to run the sensors and the resulting load current.
  • --Input current – This is the internally limited load current.