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Pepperl+Fuchs Podcasts

Pepperl+Fuchs’ TechTalk helps listeners gain an insight into modern automation technologies by focusing on AS-Interface (Actuator Sensor Interface) and its associated safety technology, Safety at Work. TechTalk covers topics that range from hardware selection to installation and maintenance. Control engineers familiar with AS-Interface will get the latest news on specification enhancements, hear about new products, and familiarize themselves with established and cutting-edge troubleshooting methods, tips, and tricks.  Users who are interested in applying these technologies will learn what it takes to set up an AS-Interface system, how Safety at Work improves safety systems, and why those technologies have the potential to save time and money during all phases of a project.

May 18, 2014

In this episode, Helge and Tim cover the unusual and exceptional AS-Interface G11 module family. Immediately obvious is the unique round housing, which offers many important advantages for an AS-Interface system.

  • --Sturdy mounting base – You need to see this. The base is exceptionally sturdy, easy to work with, and comes with the module.
  • --Ingenious O-ring design – This design results in IP68/69K protection without the need to encapsulate the electronics.
  • --Great fault indication – Overland indication per each output. It is important to know that overloading an output does not negatively impact inputs or control over the remaining outputs.
  • --Flat cable or M12 connection – There are many cases where flat cable connections are exactly what is needed. But in a trunk/drop type installation, the M12 connection option is cleaner and simpler.
  • --Access to M12 ports – Better access to the M12 connections is a direct consequence of the round housing. Round also adds attractive symmetry to the layout irrespective of the direction of the cable. 
  • --I/O selection – The I/O selection is superb. In addition to digital I/O types, we offer a good selection of analog input and output modules. And our 8-input module still supports automatic module replacement. Not something everybody can claim.
  • --Power24 – Modules designed to this specification can operate at lower voltages, which means they are suitable in cases where the voltage drop along the network is greater or in cases where the primary feed voltage is lower than the standard 30.5 V.