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April 2014
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Starting up an AS-Interface system -- Now that we have talked extensively about the components used in setting up an AS-Interface network it is time to start it up. In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Why the handheld addressing tool makes it easy to work with AS-Interface
  • What does "Project Mode," sometimes indicated by a 'PRJ' LED, do?
  • Once AS-Interface is running, start paying attention to the PLC
  • Using AS-Interface on an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix or CompactLogix system
  • Useful Add-On instructions for RSLogix 5000
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Adding safety to AS-Interface -- Networking safety is useful mainly because it makes powerful solutions simple, supports detailed diagnostics, and offers powerful features like muting and zoning.  As a result, new solutions for AS-Interface, previously too complex, can now be addressed without too much trouble. In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Safety modules can be added to any AS-interface network
  • The safe control happens in the Safety Monitor or a safety controller
  • Users can expect about a 90% reduction in wiring compared to hardwired safety
  • Safety at Work is ideal in addressing the problem of fault-masking
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AS-Interface Power24 -- AS-Interface is based on an operating voltage of 30.5 VDC. The Power24 specification allows, in some cases, operating the AS-Interface network at 24 VDC. In this episode, you'll learn:

  • What makes a module Power24 compliant?
  • How Power24 may reduce the overall system cost for small installation
  • Why Power24 limits the network length to about 50 m
  • Where does decoupling take place?
  • Power24-compliant gateways
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AS-Interface 'decoupling' -- AS-Interface is unique in that it routes power and communication on just one 2-conductor cable. In this episode, you'll learn:

  • What is the purpose of decoupling?
  • How standard power supplies can be used to power an AS-Interface network
  • Why AS-Interface normally runs on 30.5 VDC
  • Where can 'decoupling' take place?
  • Limits when decoupling is not part of the power supply
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Addressing an AS-Interface handheld -- Every AS-Interface module must have an address between 1 and 31.  Many newer modules have addresses between 1A and 31B such that the network can have up to 62 I/O modules.  Assigning these addresses is most easily accomplished using the handheld addressing tool.

  • --The difference between full and the A and B addresses
  • --Addressing strategies
  • --Address 0 and automatic addressing
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Safe output modules for AS-Interface -- Safe output modules give AS-Interface networks with safety devices new capabilities.  In conjunction with the appropriate Safety Monitor or Safety Controller, it is now possible to:

  • --Deactivate a motor or other devices located anywhere in a plant
  • --Simultaneously deactivate multiple motors hundreds of meters apart
  • --Take advantage of conventional inputs on the module collecting EDM contactor monitoring feedback
  • --Independently control 16 safety groups
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Safety rated dead-man switches and safety encoders -- AS-Interface is frequently used on robotic machines.  The safety enabling switch gives personnel the option to safely bypass door switches for the purpose of setup and diagnostics.  Similarly, safety encoders offer a totally new class of applications. 

Watch this video for a detailed safety encoder configuration.

  • --Entering a robotic cell under power
  • --Safely detecting "stop" speeds up maintenance operations
  • --Over-speed protection protects machines and operators
  • --Knowing the direction of motion safely speeds up numerous processes
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Safety modules, ... continued. -- AS-Interface Safety at Work is the most flexible safety solution in part because it inherits all the advantages of AS-Interface.  The selection of safety-rated modules and safety devices with integrated AS-Interface electronics are easily as important.  This episode discusses:

  • --Safety-rated modules with high-current, standard outputs
  • --Enclosure mounting
  • --Intelligent magnetic door switches
  • --Key operated locking and non-locking safety door switches
  • --RFID-based safety door switches
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Safety modules -- AS-Interface Safety at Work has been around for well over 10 years and brings all the advantages of AS-Interface to safety.  There are many types of safety devices that can be connected to the network, making this by far the most flexible safety solution available.

  • --Safety e-stop with integrated AS-Interface electronics
  • --Using "your favorite" mechanical e-stop on AS-Interface
  • --Safety modules for any dry contact safety device
  • --Connecting safety devices with electronic safe outputs
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Analog I/O for AS-Interface -- We started talking about analog I/O modules last week but decided that this topic is important enough for a whole episode.  Working with analog data, an AS-Interface system is now so easy, it should really be considered by every user.  Tim Cicerchi also briefly talks about pneumatic modules and how they differ from a valve control module:

  • --Analog maps just like digital I/O
  • --Connecting analog sensors is very simple using pre-made cables
  • --All types of analog transducers, 2-wire, 3-wire and 4-wire, are directly supported
  • --Some modules can deal with current, voltage, and PT100 inputs
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